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The case of kidnapping was dissolved as she accepted that she left home on her own accord

According to Mirror Now a case of a missing girl was registered in Mumbra in 2016 by her mother. A case of kidnapping was filed against her at the police station. The police became alert for the same and started their operation in finding the abducted girl through various means but could not land up on any clue. The case was later transferred to the immoral trafficking prevention cell on May 11, 2018. Assistant Sub-Inspector Raju Mahale was appointed to investigate the case.

During the investigation, Police learned that the kidnapped girl has been using Tik Tok and shared it on social media. Police began tracking the girl on social media and asked her to make a video call. After confirming the identity, the police asked the girl to meet her sister under a false pretext of her mother being ill. She was then taken into custody and cops began interrogating her.

At the time of interrogation, the girl revealed that she left home of her own and that she was not abducted. As a result, the kidnapping charge was dissolved. She revealed that she ran away from Mumbra, and lived in Goregaon for ten days and later started a catering business in Surat for 3-4 months. Later, she settled in Vasai for few months. And thereafter she has been living in Nalasopara.

On further investigation, it was revealed that the girl had made a fake account under the name of Abhay Shetty and befriended her sister and her husband after watching a video of them on Tik Tok ten days ago. The sister and her husband had uploaded a video of Bhojpuri song on a Tik-Tok mobile app. After acknowledging the identity of her relatives she started asking for information about her family as she has got no touch with them for a long time.