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Aamir khan who is also known as Mr. perfectionist of bollywood shared his New Year Resolution List for 2019 with his fans recently.

Everyone is excited for the new year and everyone including the celebs are ready to enter 2019 with some set of resolution as to make 2019 a better year than 2018.

Particularly talking about aamir khan, 2018 was not a great year for him as his most awated film thugs of hindustan was not admired by his fans and ot a dull response. Both fans and critics critcsed his film for not being upto expectation.

Despite, critiscm of the film, the film somehow managed to do a good box office collection. Still, mr perfectioninst was not happy with his own work and then some rumours came that aamir khan is not going to work on his dream project- the film mahabharata.

Well, aamir khan proved himself to be a fighting champ and came up with a new year resolution list to make his coming year a better one.

He wrote on his twitter handle about his new year resolutions and shared it with his following. Here is what aamir khan’s new year resolution list contains-

Aamir Khan’s new year resolutions

Mr. perfectionist also apologized for hurting anyone if he would have done so intentionally or unintentionally. Well, we will be eagerly waiting for his dream film The Mahabharata to get launched.

Let me tell you one interesting about the film mahabharata; sources say that the film is going to be the highest budget was Bollywood film if it will be criticism.

Over 1000 crores will be invested on this dream project of aamir khan. I hope along with all Aamir khan fans that 2019 will be better year for aamir and his dream project will be launched.

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