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Aamir Khan recently said that he is on a strict diet for his new film

The thugs of Hindostan star Aamir recently said that-“I am on a strict diet for my new film”. This statement from Aamir has left his fans wondering the title of his new film. Aamir did give any information about his upcoming film.

Aamir was upset last year as his film thugs of Hindustan did not perform well and was widely criticised by the fans. Aamir’s reaction to the failure was this- “I would like to say that I take full responsibility for Thugs Of Hindostan not working with the audience. I think we went wrong. I would like to take full responsibility for that. You can be sure we tried our level best Then, Rumours came that Aamir is not producing his dream project Mahabharata following thugs of Hindustan’s failure.

But now Mr. perfectionist is back again as he reveals he is getting himself in shape for his new film. This is what Mr. perfectionist told to news agency IANS-. “Earlier, I used to do so many things but now I am on a very strict diet for my new film. So, I have started getting back into shape. I cannot tell you which one it is but it’s for my new film,”.
Need to say- Aamir transformation in Dangal was incredible and his transformation generated a lot of buzz at the time of Dangal.

As can be seen, Aamir did not spoke anything about the title of the film or give any other type of information about the film.

Aamir also abandoned Salute for Mahabharata. Salute now titled as Saare Jaha se Aacha is starring Shahrukh Khan. The Female lead actress is not yet announced by the makers. This is what the Anjum Rajabali said- “I have been very excited about the project. Like Aamir, I have been a big fan of Rakesh and now he is a good friend also. Frankly speaking, I was very keen that Aamir does it and he, at that moment, had liked it. “We had discussed it a lot. We had a lot of hopes for it but unfortunately (there was) the larger project of Mahabharata, which he was consumed by.”

The bottom line is Aamir is working hard to get himself in shape for his next film and reports say that he is currently working on Mahabharata. This transformation might be for Mahabharata.