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Actor Prakash Raj Meets Arvind Kejriwal at Delhi

Prakash Raj, a very popular Bollywood and Tollywood actor who has been known widely for his role in Singham recently came to Delhi as to meet Arvind Kejriwal. The meeting was held at Kejriwal’s residence and the meeting had a certain solid agenda behind it unlike PM’s meeting with Bollywood celebrities.

Recently the AAP extended the support to Prakash Raj for deciding to contest the Lok Sabha election as an independent candidate. The meeting was a political meeting and Prakash raj after meeting the Delhi CM tweeted- “Met Kejriwal, Thanked him and AAP for the support in my political journey. Discussed and requested to share various ways to address issues which his team has commendably done.”.

Prakash Raj has met several other politicians after announcing to fight in Lok Sabha elections.

Prakash Raj interestingly is not a great fan of Modi Government and has criticised the government in the past. The meeting might result in Prakash Raj fighting Lok Sabha elections as AAP candidate. Maybe or May not be. No one Knows what actually was discussed in the meeting. By the way, on Thursday several Bollywood celebrities came to attend a meeting with the PM. While all other Bollywood actors and directors were busy chatting with Modi, Prakash Raj was having a discussion with Arvind Kejriwal.