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Aditya Pancholi who was in a relationship with Kangana Ranawat faced a bitter breakup before a decade. With a fresh start with the story, Kangana and her sister has filed an FIR against Aditya for Abuse and Exploitation

This is not the first time Aditya Pancholi is facing such issues. Aditya has been charged again by Kangana Ranawat and her sister Rangoli for Abuse and Exploitation. Kangana has filed an FIR against him and police have recorded his statement by far.

Aditya Pancholi Once Again Charged for Abuse and Exploitation by Kangana Ranawat and Her Sister Rangoli: RIF Registered with Police

Eventually, Aditya Pancholi has filed a defamation case against Kangana after she exploded in an interview against Pancholi a couple of years ago on Indian television. As many of you may not know that Kangana and Aditya Pancholi were seeing each other a decade ago. With a major age difference, Kangana came up with the issue of exploitation that she experienced from Aditya. The matter grew so serious that Aditya Pancholi’s wife Zareena Wahab, who is a well-known personality in the Indian film industry, opened up on this matter. She said, “Kangna Ranaut was dating my husband for four and a half years”.

The matter has triggered once again and according to Pancholi, the police investigated the matter and he has put forward his statement for the same. He further said that the claims are false as the advocate of the said actress has threatened him to file a rape case if he doesn’t withdraw his defamation. Pancholi said he has a video of this conversation which has been provided to the police for evidence and all these things again started after submission of the video.

The Police said they are further investigating into the issue and action will be taken after they record a statement from both ends.