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Bigg Boss 12 was a little different from the previous seasons. As in this season, some participants participated in the show as partners(jodis) while some participated on the show as singles. The theme of Bigg boss 12 was Jodis(partners) vs singles.

One such Jodi that participated in the show was of Anup jalota and jasleen Mathur.

Anup jalota, a veteran devotional singer was touted as the boyfriend of jasleen Mathur in the show. hat made this relationship go viral was the age difference between Jasleen and Jalota. Jalota was 65 years old and jasleen Mathur being 29 years old.

In the show, Jaslene and jalota were somehow continuously portrayed as girlfriend-boyfriend. While both of these never talked about their relationship straightly in the show but all the viewers and nation was aware of their affair.

Anup jalota was kicked out of the show recently and after coming out of the Bigg Boss house, he addressed media about his relationship and shocked the viewers.
Jalota said that there is nothing like girl-boyfriend or love relationship between me and Jaslene. Jasleen is just my fellow student whom I teach music. Nothing else.

Everything you see in the show was the script’s demand and nothing else, jalota added.
Jalota further said that there is no physical relationship between jasleen and him and he knows jasleen’s father for long. Jasleen’s father is an old friend of jalota as said by him.

Jolata strictly rejected any kind of romantic relationship between him and Jaslene. He said that I visit jasleen’s home often and have met her family members but Jaslene and I don’t meet often. He added- “jasleen has not even met my family members yet”.

Despite being a famous veteran singer, jalota was not able to survive in the house even for a month. When asked about his failure in the show, jalota replied-“”I have earned huge goodwill and respect in my long career. Fighting does not suit me. I cannot abuse someone and cannot even take any abuse from someone. So, I think that’s where I lacked and was not able to impress the audience.”

The attempt to show jasleen and jalota as girlfriend-boyfriend in the show somehow diluted jalota’s image as a veteran singer.

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