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Arjun and Mailaka have been spotted partying with friends like Karishma, Gauri, Amrita and a bunch of other friends. This has been a common story by the paparazzi when Arjun Kapoor has been spotted with Malaika Arora. With increasing friendship between the two, they have been spotted together on many occasions over dinner, personal vacations, partying with friends and moreover they have grown their closeness with each other’s family as well.

They have been making headlines now as there are rumors of the two tying their knots. Well by witnessing their closeness, we may say something is cooking. Even Karan Johar’s comment over Koffee with Karan created a lot of buzz at the media.

When asked about their wedding news, Malaika has easily brushed it off by saying there is nothing as such and all this is created by media itself. Well, in an interview with DNA, Arjun Kapoor has finally opened up about his relationship with Malaika and also talked about the remarks regarding their marriage.

Arjun said, “No, I am not. I’m 33 and you have to take my word when I say, I’m in no hurry to get married.”

Further, he said how he feels as media is constantly following him and Malaika and drawing lines on their relationship. “The subject of my wedding is not something that I would like to talk about. Frankly, if I was tying the knot, people would know about it. Today, nothing stays or needs to be hidden beyond a point. Speculation is harmless. But I admit, I don’t like to respond to it all the time. Also, it gets tiring for the people involved to constantly react. There has been so much gossip on this subject that even the people who earlier tended to believe it are no longer doing so. I don’t have anything against anyone.”

When he was asked about his marriage plans, he said marriage is indeed special to him and he knows this is a wedding season for Bollywood but he doesn’t have such plans right now. Arjun also said that Malaika is very special to him and that he has nothing to hide.

“I don’t have anything to discuss. I have nothing to hide. What the world is seeing, they are seeing. However, I have no desire to justify my personal life beyond a point. It is important to have good people around me and I feel fortunate that I have such individuals in my life.”

Later Arjun was asked about hanging around with Malaika’s friends and to which he said that there is nothing new about it and thus it doesn’t make any news.

”Malaika, Kareena, Amrita and a bunch of us have always been close. I have hung out with them for years on end. It is not in the recent past.”

Further to add to this, he said that he always like to hang around with older people than him as he is a matured soul. He also mentioned the names of other friends with whom he chills out.

“Rohit Dhawan, Varun’s older brother, and Ranbir Kapoor are also close friends. In fact, I hang out with Rohit and Varun. Aarti Shetty is also a dear friend. I don’t have too many friends who are my age or younger than me. I’ve always been a mature soul who bonds better with those who are older.”

Arjun Kapoor has taken all the questions sportingly and cleared the cloud for him and Malaika. He also mentioned Malaika is special to her and he has no plans to marry right now.