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Benefits of Apricot

Along with its bright color and sweet taste Apricot is loaded with nutrients. This small yellowish orange colored fruit is originated from China, whereas it gained popularity in United States, and the majority of it is grown in California today. Its first recorded harvest was in San Francisco dated back to the year 1972. Apricot can be eaten raw as well as cooked, it is also popular in dried form, and in fact dried apricot plays an important part of Iran’s global trade. It looks like a tiny fluffy ball due to presence of small hairs on the skin, it can be consumed without pealing as well. On an average per 100 gram of apricot gives 12% of vitamin C and A, 6% of potassium required by our body, and less than 50 calories.


Let us know some benefits of this delicious fruit and add it to our daily dose of fruits.

  • Rich source of Vitamin A- Apricot is rich in vitamin A which helps to develop and maintain healthy eyes, maintains strong immune system, and keeps check on reproductive health.
  • High on fiber- Apricot is high on dietary fiber which helps in proper bowel movement. Dietary fiber present in Apricot is fat soluble and gets easily dissolved in the body and the nutrition are easily absorbed in the system. It further breaks into fatty acids which helps the overall digestive system.
  • Good for bones- Calcium is required by our body for formation and maintain good bone and teeth health. Apricots are rich source of calcium, potassium, manganese, iron, phosphorus and copper. These nutrients help in maintaining good bone and teeth. Potassium helps in consuming the calcium in the body.
  • Healthy heart- apricot is rich in potassium, vitamin C and fiber which helps in maintaining good heart health. And keeps risk of heart attack and stroke at the bay. Potassium lowers blood pressure level. Potassium protects our body from free radicals whereas fiber helps to clean  blood vessels and arteries from cholesterol. Thus increasing cardio vascular health.
  • Healthy skin- if you dream of a silky, smooth, youthful skin then you must include Apricot oil in your skin care routine. It also contains properties to heal itchy skin, treats eczema, scabies and other skin irritation or inflammation. Apricot oil is packed with antioxidants and vitamin A which helps in maintaining healthy young looking skin and prevents premature aging.
  • Energy booster- due to presence of high potassium and sodium level it keeps our body hydrated and provide instant energy which keeps us going thought out the day. Potassium is also responsible to maintain our boy fluid which boosts us with energy.
  • Lower body temperature- sometimes people with fever are suggested to consume Apricot juice as it is necessary to keep you hydrated especially when sick. Apricot has specific nutrients and calories which detoxifies organs and keep organs hydrated. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to sooth, and lower body temperature when sick.
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  • Fights anemia- Apricot contains nutrients like copper and iron which build up blood in our body. People suffering from anemia often faces issues like fatigue, weakness, dizziness and bad digestive system. Iron and copper produces hemoglobin and boosts metabolism which helps to fight anemia.
  • Instant earache relief- if it is hard to reach a doctor, you can try putting few drops of Apricot oil in your ears for instant ear ache relief. It is believed to give relief instantly in many cases of ear ache.
  • Prevents cancer- though it is said that mainly fruit’s  seeds such as seed of Apple, Apricot and many other helps in prevention of a deadly disease like cancer. The seed of apricot is high in antioxidants and fight free radicals that causes cancer.

By knowing all the benefits that this tiny fruit provide us with we must include it to our daily dietary habit. Apricot can be consumed raw with morning cereal, or as smoothies, can be added as baking ingredients, or raw, with yogurt and so on. Make Apricot a part of your diet and enjoy its long listed benefits that keeps you healthy.

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