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Street Foods of Kolkata

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Kolkata, the City of Joy as said by French author Dominique Lapierre is actually a happening city where you can find diversity and unity in every field. Kolkata means Heritage, Culture, British establishments, only Tram running in India, and of course food. With every diversity that rules the city like religion ,belief and of course Football (Mohan Bagan, East Bengal) are united, when to comes to food.

Kolkatains are food lovers and their street food is known throughout the country. Be it Street Food like chaats, or Sweets like Rosogolla, you name it and we have it. No other city can compete with Kolkata’s Street food and Sweets. You may say it’s a foody’s paradise and economical as well.

Street Foods of Kolkata

The mouthwatering street food from all over the city and the best places to have it.


King of all Street Foods. Puchka, known as Pani Puri & Golgappa in different cities is a crunchy ball filled with tamarind water and mashed potatoes mixed with spices and onions. You can expect variety in water and spice mix. There are other chaats as well associated with Puchka that is Chur Mur and Dahi Puchka. Today they have more variations like Choclate Puchka, Schezwuan, Dahi, Ghugni, Dhokla, Pakori etc.  In every corner of Kolkata you can see a road side stall of Puchka seller which is mostly crowded by females, but the best places to have Puchka is around Vivekananda Park, NearWoodland High Building and Garden Café, Vardaan market, New Market and so on.

Puchka Street Foods of Kolkata
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Jhal Muri:

Muri or Puffed rice or rice crispers, who you name it, is a favourite daily snack for Bengal. The love for Muri in a Bengali household is remarkable. Jhal means Hot or Chili. Jhal Muri is a combination of puffed rice with minced green chilli, onion, tomato, coriander leaves, Chanachur, ground nuts and different type of crispers mixed in a dash of mustard oil along with other spices and a bit of Lime juice.

You can easily find Jhal Muri outside any Office like banks, or schools or any area with a bigger crowd. This is a favorite pass time for Bengali and by large other communities as well. Though found roughly everywhere, few remarkable Jhal Muri can be found in New Market area and in local trains in Howrah Railway Station.

Street Foods of Kolkata
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Momo is a form of dumpling which has originated from South East Asian Countries like Tibet, Nepal Bhutan and has become popular as a street food in Kolkata. Though Momo Can be found in places like, Assam, North East, Ladakh in India, but it has gained popularity in Kolkata as a street food over a period of time. It’s a soft, deliacate ball of meat or vegetables wrapped with a thin cover, served with piping hot chicken clear soup or vegetable clear soup.  You can find Momo in places like Near Rabindra Sadan Metro Station is a great hit.

Street Foods of Kolkata

Tele Bhaja:

As its name suggest Tel means oil and Bhaja means fry. So anything dipped in a batter and deep fried in a wok full of oil is called Telebhaja in Kolkata. Different Vegetables are used like sliced egg plant, capsicum, mashed potato with spices and even they have come up with the non- veg versions as well. Every Para (locality) in Kolkata or entire West Bengal consists of at least one Telebhaja shop. They mainly do business in the evening and mostly it is clubbed with Muri or Puffed Rice. One of the pioneers of telebhaja seeing for more than 50 years is  Kalika Mukhorochok  situated at college Street. It is so famous that they are sold out within 2 to 3 hours of business in the evening.

Street Foods of Kolkata
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Ghugni is actually dried yellow peas soaked and cooked with small pieces of potatoes. It is less spicy when compared to the other street foods. Ghugni is served in a leaf plate and garnished with chopped green chilis, onion, tamarind water and sev. Ghugni can be found in every corners of Kolkata and mostly in fair grounds.

Street Foods of Kolkata
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Along with the favorite street foods of Kolkata, there are many more to talk about such as Papri Chaat, Bhel Puri, Pav Bhaji etc. which have immigrated from different parts of India.

There are places which are marked for its incredible availability of food, from Meals to snacks, such as Dalhousie, Park Street and China Town, Teritte Bazar.

Dalhousie is known for its high rise office area. Mainly the street foods available here is targeted towards the office goers. They sell variety from lunch platter like Macher Jhol to Aloo Paratha, Luchi Aloor Dam is a must have here. Park Street, Chowanghee, is famous for it’s food stalls at the foot path area selling state of the art sandwiches, noodles, and other Indian meal. They also cater to the office goers in and around Park Street and Shoppers from New Market.