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The previous year was full of memes and challenges like the kiki challenge which got insanely popular worldwide but as the new year started, something new has come to market. Yes, I am talking about the bird box challenge.

Bird Box Trailer

Well, bird box is the name of Sandra bullock’s Netflix horror hit. Fans just loved the movie and especially bullock’s character. Inspired by the bullock’s character in the film, the people started a new challenge where people have to do several things blindfolded. So basically, in this challenge, you need to wear a blindfold and do several things. And this is what the challenge is. Pretty hard to do but interesting.

People just love to try new things and challenges and that’s why this challenge got so famous. The bullock’s character in the film wears the blindfold as to protection himself against an unseen force that seemingly takes over people’s vision by manifesting their greatest fears. So this is was the reason why Bullock’s character was wearing a blindfold.

But people are taking this challenge and making a video of themselves as to get viral on the Internet. People are uploading their videos with #bird box challenge. 

People are taking this challenge and trying to do several different things blindfolded. Someone is trying to walk on escalator blindfolded and the other is trying to lift weights blindfolded etc. One video that I spotted was of a man taking the bird box challenge and trying to shave blindfolded, this is daring.

Down I link to some of the viral videos on the bird box challenge. Enjoy them and try it yourself. Once you try, you will realize how hard life is for blind people.

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