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bitcoin 2019

2018 was not a good year for bitcoin investors with bitcoin value crashing from $13000 to less than $4000.

Last year the value of bitcoin at the start of the year was pretty impressive that is $13000 but it got continuously going down and ended the year with less than $4000. This was a shock for bitcoin investors as this fall was upto 60%.

More than that 2018 brought many changes in the crypto land without bitcoin investing getting banned in India.

Now Bitcoin investors have their eyes pinned to 2019 hoping that it will be a good year for them. Many people have starting predicting the value of bitcoin in 2019 and the trend t is going to show.

While some experts believe that bitcoin value is going to witness an increase in 2019.

Here is what some experts say about bitcoin values in 2019.

Joel Kruger, currency strategist at Lmax exchange believe that bitcoin is going to increase in value in 2019 but he also warns that the value of bitcoin in the first of 2019 would be weak.

Another expert, George ermakov, head of research and development at krypterium believes that 2019 is going to be positive for price dynamics.

Robert sluymer, analyst at fundstrat global advisors strongly believe that bitcoin is going to challenge its downtrend in 2019.

Another famous personality, John mcaffe, foundare of mcaffe antivirus software predicted that bitcoin will hit $1 million by 2020. His prediction is not to be taken lightly. As last time what he predicted came true. Last time he said that the value of bitcoin is going to lower down by $7000 and he was right.

This is what some of the best experts of industry believes. So if you are a bitcoin investor, 2019 might be good for you.

But please not, these are only mere predictions nothing else, moreover, these are only the views of 3 persons. So before you plan to invest in bitcoin, i will suggest you to research more to be on the safer side.

At last, rumours are there that ban on bitcoin in India will be removed. Please note I said rumour. So this might not be true and I believe that this is not true.

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