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Boney Kapoor is planning to make a film on is beloved wife Sridevi
Last year, the very talented Bollywood actress Sridevi passed away on 24 February in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The actress died due to drowning in the bath tub and sources say she was drunk when she died.

Sridevi’s accidental death was shocking for her fans and her family. Sridevi death was a bad news but here is a good news for sridevi fans, Boney Kapoor is planning to make a biopic film on his beloved wife Sridevi.

Rumours about Sridevi’s biopic were going on social media in the past. And this is true to some extent as sources say, several producers and directors were willing to make a biopic on Sridevi.

Aware of this fact, Boney Kapoor came in between and now according to Deccan Chronicles, Boney is definitely planning to make the biopic.
Reports further say he wanna do this asap and get a copyright on the story before anyone else does. Several journalist and writers have already approached boney and now Boney might soon choose a author to write her wife’s biopic.

Sridevi was an integral part of boney Kapoor’s life and Boney Kapoor wants to produce here biopic in his way. Reports further say that Boney will be both producing and directing the film. Sridevi’s daughter is doing a great job these days. His acting in Dhadak was exceptionally well. Just a wild guess, Janhavi may play the role of Sridevi in the Sridevi biopic.Many more informations about the film is going to come soon including the title of the film.