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Celebrities around the world doing #10YearChallenge

Last year the KIKI challenge was all around the social media. And now, This year you saw the bird box challenge trending on social media on social media. After the bird box challenge, the latest challenge going on over social media is Ten Year Challenge. You would have probably noticed the ten-year challenge in your twitter feed or on Instagram.

The ten-year challenge has gone viral on Instagram and Twitter with many celebrities accepting the challenge on social media. You would have seen tweets with caption #ten year challenge but you might be wondering what the hell is the ten-year challenge?

What Ten Year Challenge Exactly is?

This challenge going viral on social media has got many names like a #glowup challenge, HowHardAgingHitYou, Aging challenge and the most used word for this challenge # Ten-year challenge.People who take the ten-year challenge posts their two photos, one of them was taken at least 10 years apart.

People who take this challenge show up to the world that how they have changed with time. But people who take this challenge in really want to show to the world that ageing has not hit them and how they have grown up in course of ten years.

Interested in a ten-year challenge? Just go and post two of your photos on Facebook or Instagram took ten years apart from each other, Post them on your social media profiles with #ten year challenge and you are done.The ten-year challenge has become so much viral particularly because of so many celebrities from around the world doing it on social media. 

Trevor Noah recently took the ten years to challenge a posted his two image on Instagram. He ae the caption- “As you can see, my style hasn’t changed at all over the last decade”.The Indian Bollywood actress Shruti Hassan is the latest to enter the ten-year challenge. She posted on Instagram two phots of her with the caption “ten years I always miss my bangs but I deffo don’t miss the ugly in-between stage of growing them out! 2009-2019 #10yearchallenge”.

Earlier other Bollywood celebrities also took the challenge and posted their two photos with 10 years gap on their social media handles.
Here is a review of all Indian celebrities who took the ten-year challenge.

Diana panty also shared her two photos and wrote- “Few things never change like black and white filter”.

Sonam Kapoor also took the challenge and wrote- “Ten years. I always miss my bangs but I deffo don’t miss the ugly in-between stage of growing them out. 2009-2019 # 10-year challenge”.

Esha Gupta also posted her photos and wrote-“Ok, so the ten-year challenge has just made me weird, might need to rewind a bit”.

Bipasha Basu also took the ten-year challenge and posted her photos on Instagram.

Daisy Shah posted her two photos taken ten years apart and wrote-“smiling through it all #ten year challenge.”.

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Smiling through it all! #10YearChallenge

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This was about the ten-year challenge going on over social media and celebrities taking the challenge to speed up the trend.