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Cheat India
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Imran Hashmi starer Cheat India has got a new release date. The film was earlier set to release on January 25.
The film will now hit the screens on January 18 as to avoid clash from the movie Thackeray who is going to release on January 25. Its a good news for people who are waiting for the Cheat India to release as the film would now release one week before.

Cheat India starring Emran Hashmi is produced by Bushan kumar. Both Bushan and Hashmi came together to announce the new release date January 18.The reason being The biopic Thackeray. Thackeray is the biopic on Bal Thackeray who was the founder of political party Shivsena. Shivsena is very active in Maharastra.

The interesting thing being, On the occasion when Bushan kumar announced The new release date of Cheat India, both sanjayraut-producer of Thackeray and the grandson of Bal Thackeray Aditya Thackeray was present there.On the same occasion, Tanuj garg and Atul kabeskar were also present. These both are other producers of cheat India.

So many prominent people witnesses the announcement of new release date of Cheat India, that it seemed like Shivsena is pressurising makers of cheat India to change the release date. But it was not the case, cleared Bushan kumar by saying- We did not shift the release date under any pressure or ego but for a pure business reason. It was our way to pay respect to Balasaheb Thackeray.”

Aditya Thackeray also specified that if that were the case, we both would not have sat together on the same stage.
This film is a political film. Releasing on January 18, few months before the general elections. The film would for sure try to make an good image of Shivsena and Bal Thackeray in the eyes of audience. But Sanjay raut declined that the film has no political agenda, he further said that- When I started making the film, our aim was to finish the film in one year. Balasaheb Thackeray is an iconic personality that does not need any introduction about who he was and what he has contributed. We are not making a film to gain any political interest out of it. made the film to bring the ideology of Balasaheb to the new generation. There are many things about him that common people do not know,”

The bottom line is The film Cheat India is going to release on January 18 and Thackeray going to release on January 25.
Another film set to release on January 25 is manikarnika. Manikarnika is starring Kangana Ranaut as Jhansi ki Rani. The makers of Manikarnika are still on their decision to release Manikarnika on January 25.

When asked about Manikarnika, sanjay raut replied- “No, we did not think about that film, everyone has their right to put out their film. There is no problem.”
Well, all these 3 film are going to be entertaining so the fans will be waiting for them to hit the screens.

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