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Judging his ability as a captain for yesterday’s match, cricket fans and netizens asks Narendra Modi to be replaced with MS Dhoni

Indian Skipper MS Dhoni has been under a rigorous scan for his batting ability than his captaincy skills for a few couple of years later. The Indian captain who has won us the World cup has been an integral part of this year’s IPL and has shown heroic batting skills.

Cricket fans propose MS Dhoni to be made India’s Prime Minister after his epic performance in IPL

On this Sunday, Dhoni’s batting was almost taking Chennai Super Kings to mark a win upon Royal Challengers Bangalore. His sixers made a spree among the audience but it did not last for long as he confronted a run out soon.

Despite the results, cricketing fans have taken over social media to support Dhoni to be replaced as the Prime minister of India. The Indian skipper who made 84 runs out of 48 balls has been massively admired by the audience. They took to the social media and surged a spur on the brilliant performance of the former Indian team captain.

Praising his performance and his calmness over time in the entire match, fans took to Twitter to praise his heroic outstanding performance.

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