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Deepika Padukone who recently got married to Ranveer is now going to be featured in Children book regarding his battle with depression.

Deepika Padukone back in 2015 took a bold statement and talked about her depression openly. Deepika’s move inspired others not to be shameful of themselves for the illness.

Deepika Padukone's Fight Against Depression Now a Part of Children's Book

The story of Deepika’s battle with depression is inspiring and thus was included in The Dot that Went for A walk. The Dot That went for a Walk is a children’s book that talks about tales of 51 accomplished Indian women. The book has the aim to make children aware of the women power right from an early age. One of the chapters of Deepika’s life has also been included in the Book now.

The book is written Written by Lakshmi Nambiar, Reema Gupta, and Sarada Akkineni. When Lakshmi asked about Deepika chapter in the Book, the writer said- “From the acting community, Deepika emerged as a unanimous choice. When we dug deeper, we found that what inspired them about her is her honesty and willingness to talk about her vulnerabilities. By sharing her journey bravely with the world, she showed the younger generation that a healthy dialogue is needed as much on mental fitness as on physical fitness.”

Deepika has no problems in getting herself featured in one of the children’s books rather she is feeling happy and she will be present on the book launch venue. Deepika is currently working on film Chapak based on the life story of Acid Attack survivor Lakshmi Agrawal.