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Last night Bollywood Celebs & the Half-brother duo made to the Karan Johar chat show Koffee with Karan. Shahid was candid when talking about the big film he did with Deepika, Ranveer and Sanjay Lela Bhansali.

Sunday night Shahid Kapoor along with his half-brother made his appearance in Karan Johar chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’. Few days ago a trailer was launched for the show where the duo were seen have loads of fun at the set. Along with the laughter and joy the show surfaced on Sunday, the emotional side of Shahid where he talked about his family and his relation with his co-stars for ‘Padmavat’ Dipika, Ranveer and Sanjay Lela Bhansali.

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It was heard during the shoot of the film that t comfortable with his co-stars. It was also seen that the Ranveer-Deepika duo got more preference from Bhansali unlike Shahid. Shahid who played yet another important role in the movie did not get much hype as Ranveer got. When asked by Karan on this, Shahid Said, “It’s really a big film and the stakes were very high for everybody. So everybody wanted to have their A-game on. Everybody was doing everything it takes to kind of be in the centre of limelight. I’m sure everybody felt a bit threatened by each other at some level, it’s natural.”

“I had a great time during the film, and of course, there are many small things which happen when it’s a multi star-cast film. And I wouldn’t say that it was a smooth ride and we were all throwing love at each other. But looking back, I feel it’s an amazing film in my filmography and I feel like it’s great that I did it, it’s all good,” he continued.

Karan further asked Shahid about his current relationship status with his co-stars of ‘Padmavat’, to which he said, the relationship doesn’t exists between them and the rest of the industry. Ha also added that for him spending time with his family with kids is more important and he want to keep professional relations at bay. “My relationship status with most of the industry is zilch. Honestly, Deepika, Ranveer and Sanjay sir never became a part of my friend circle as such. I think it was more a professional thing. And it’s not the status was different and it’s changed in any manner. We connected when we were working and now we don’t have any connection,” Shahid said.

He also admitted of not socializing much after he got married. “Ever since I got married, I have not had a social life… I don’t know if it’s not a good thing.”

Karan asked for any advice which he want to give to the newly married couple Ranveer and Deepika, to which he said, “Love her as much as Rawal Ratan Singh loved Padmavati.”

Shahid is shooting for his upcoming film ‘Kabir Singh’ which is a remake of a Telegu blockbuster film ‘ Arjun Reddy’ which is about to hit the screen on June 2019.