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The world is huge and people living in different corners of the world have different cultures and their own festivals.

But there is one eve that each and every country celebrates, yeah.. you guessed right, I am talking about the new year eve. Everyone out there in the world wanna end the year and welcome new one with joy and happiness and thats why new year is celebrated around the globe.

But not every country celebrates new year by firing crackers or by dining out. People in different corners of the world celebrate new year differently.

In this post, I am going to tell you about how people celebrate new year in different countries. Here we go-

Firing Crackers

new year celebration
Image from Pixabay

This is common and most of the people celebrates new year in this way. People just wait for the clocks to hot 12 and as soon as the clock hits 12, people starts firing crackers.

Cannada, New zealand, australia, brazil and most of the other countries celebrates new yaer in same manner.

I said most but not all, there are some countries were people cleebrates new year in a quite different way. See below.

Eating grapes for the new year

spain new year

Yes, this is what happens in Spain. People eat 12 grapes one for each stroke of midnight on 31st December. People there believe that this makes their new year filled with prosperity.

People on 31st gather at Puerta del Sol in Madrid and eats 12 grapes one for each stroke of midnight. After that people do parties and o to clubs.

Smash Plates Denmark

denmark new year

Danish people find it lucky to see a smashed plate in the new year. And that is why people go and samsh plates on the front doar of their relatives and friends.

People smashing plates in front of your house may irritate you and make you angry but if you are a danish, you would love to get people smash plates in front of your house.

Ringing Bells 108 times

japan new year

Image from Pixabay

Yeah, this is how people in japan celebrates new year eve. They go in buddisht temples and hit the bells 108 times. According to buddisht mythology this dispels negatie emotions and mantalities.

You can witness this eve at iconic jojozi temple at Tokyo.

Throwing Furniture

south africa new year

Image from Pixabay

In South Africa, particularly in Johansberg people want to start their new year with nothing unwanted at their homes thus they throw unwanted furniture out of the window.

First Footing in Scotland

scotland new year

Image from Pixabay

In Scotland, people rush to their friends or relatives house as the clock hits midnight to be the first person to step foot in their home.

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