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Dipika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim were interviewed on SpotboyE. They were seen less promoting Shaoib’s upcoming film and talking much about what their fans and haters think about them. Shoaib said when “fans” have nothing to say then they will definitely talk about them negatively.

Dipika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim Interview about their upcoming film ‘Battalion 609’.

Shoaib Ibrahim is all set for his Bollywood Debut, ‘Battalion 609’ which is set to release on 11th of January 2019. He is a known face to Indian Household as he has marked his presence in the silver screen. Dipika, on the other hand, his co-star in the family drama TV serial is a real-life wife of Abrahim. Dipika was a contestant and winner of the much talked about reality show of Indian Television BIGG BOSS 12.

Media has been trolling the duo for their attitude and Dipika’s take on her fellow contestants of Bigg Boss12. The husband and wife duo seems to be very close and missing each other every now and then.

When asked, that how Dipika is related to Shoaib Debutant film, Dipika said, though she has no screen presence but she has dubbed for the lead heroine in the film. Adding of this Sohaib said, that the heroine Selina has a different accent and her Hindi is not up to the mark.

With the media troll that Shoaib was facing for his comment on Pakistan, He answered that he never had the intention of showing any country or countrymen low. He also added their fathers and forefathers have served in Army for years.

They seemed to be much affected by what their fans are thinking about them. They mention time and again about their haters and fans. Dipika when asked what she has to say about Shilpa Shinde on her comment on Dipika, She answered, she has no problem with what Shilpa thinks about her and Shilpa may not be happy the way Dipika set her journey through Bigg Boss12. When asked about Srishant and Shilpa’s close relationship, the duo answered, Srishant is Dipika’s good friend but at the same time he has his personal life and got all the freedom to decide whom he should meet and talk to.

At the end both of them were seen very enthusiastic about their first Bollywood film and thanked their fans for all their support and requested them to see the movie in theaters on 11th of January.