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elon musk mars
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Elon Musk, the greatest entrepreneur of the century is now planning to do something different as he announces he will be sending humans to Mars with his space’s BFR project.

Elon discussed his BFR project on the last day of International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia. Elon Musk took the stage and explained his ideas and explained how technology will be used to change long-distance travel on Earth.

The Elon’s company is planning to create a spaceship and a single booster to facilitate the project. BFR in future can be used to do a variety of amazing tasks like launching satellites and space telescopes. BFR can also be used to facilitate the establishment of off-world colonies. This s just amazing.

One interesting thing about BFR is that its design is large enough to carry 100’s of people and a lot of equipment. Elon during his IAC presentation said- It’s 2017, I mean, we should have a lunar base by now,”.

elon musk mars
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Elon is soon going to head to ars as soon as he has the technology to do so. Moreover, Elon shared imagery of a Martian city in the presentation. The construction of the spaceship will begin soon in the coming months. And musk also plans to send cargo on mars by 2022. While many people believe that his ideas are aspirational and are going to fail. And musk himself admitted that his goal s somewhat aspirational.

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