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Lara Dutta never misses a chance to appear on social media with her family. This time she took to Instagram to wish hubby a very happy birthday

Lara Dutta who was a sensation in Hindi film industry does refer to her film carrier any more. But that doesn’t refrain her from making a glamourous public appearance with her family. Eventually, on hubby’s birthday, Lara posted adorable pictures of tennis player legend, Mahesh Bhupathi playing around with kids. The pictures came with a heartfelt message from Lara which says, ‘Happy birthday to our main man @mbhupathi !!! May your arms and heart always be full of the things you love and that love you back immensely!! 💕💕💕’

Watch out the latest pics and also witness yourself sole pictures of the couple who have chosen to spend time with family on Mahesh’s birthday.

The pictures also showcase their cute daughter Saira as she plays around his father, Mahesh. Talking about films, Lara was last seen in a cameo role in ‘Azhar’ and ‘Welcome to New York.’