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Farhan and Shivani
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Farhan Akhtar recently shared a pic of his rumoured Girlfriend Shivani Dandekar on Instagram.

Farhan and Shivani are in a relationship and this is now quite transparent as both Farhan and Shivani are now expressing their relationship more clearly to the world using Instagram.

Recently, Farhan shared a pic of Shivani with his dog and captioned it as- “Looking Out For Each Other”. With the caption, Farhan was somehow tried to express his and Shivani’s relationship with each other.

This is now no secret that Farhan and Shivani are in some sort of relationship. If you will check out Farhan and Shivani’s Instagram profile, you will see their Instagram profile filled with PDA moments. 

Farhan and Shivani were spotted recently on a dinner date but they did not face the cameras that day. 
Their relationship is quite transparent now, both of them are enjoying quality time with each other and we hope that they keep on enjoying.