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Farhan and Shibani were in news for a long time but never spoke about their relationship in public. Finally their marriage is fixed. Read to know more!

Farhan Akhtar confirms wedding with long-time girlfriend Shibani Dandekar and reveal the dates

Bollywood have witnessed many grand marriages last year and this year and has also gone through many breaking relationships. This time it is Farhan Akhtar who was in news with his girlfriend Shibani Dandekar. Both were seeing each other for a long time and was spotted to be together in public and went for vacations together. They were also rumored to be in a live-in relationship for a while now.

Farhan and Shibani never confronted the media or addressed the public directly about their relationship and had shopped arearing in public together in recent past. The actor tuned director Farhan recently was invited in a talk show with Bhumi Pednekar where he accepts dating Shibani. During the show, Bhumi played the ‘do not play’ tape hoping something interesting would come up to her surprise and what exactly happened is this. Surprisingly, the tape played Shibani’s recording in which she asked the much-awaited question to Farhan that, ‘When are we getting married?’ Farhan was completely in sync with the question and blushed and answered, “I don’t know… it may be April or April be ‘May’.”

Just a few months ago Farhan shared a romantic note on Shibani’s birthday which was heartwarming. They have never talked about their personal relationship in public but have surfaced many intimate pictures in the internet where they were seen enjoying at a pool and have also been spotted together hanging out together on multiple occasions.

Farhan, on the other hand, is separated from his wife Adhuna Bhabani with whom he has shared a married life for 16 years and have 2 daughters-Shakya and Akira. In spite of their separation and Farhan’s decision to move ahead with Shibani, the ex-husband and wife share a cordial relationship even today.