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Erica and Partha acted together in a famous Hindi serial from where their rumour of dating each other came into notice. See what Erica has to reveal

Kasuatii Zindagii Kay had been a successful venture of Hindi soap opera that ran for years. Erica and Parth played a romantic role of a couple in the serial which gave birth to the rumor of them dating each other. Though it has been a long time since the rumor has been aired but actor Erica opened up recently and said she know the truth behind it.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Erica out rightly refused to agree any of the claims of them dating each other and said all this is absolute rumor. Further to this she said this is a part and parcel of life of an actor to be engaged with the name of the co-star specifically if they are playing a romantic role together.

Further she explained that she know Parth from the initial days of their shoot when they went for shooting together and from then they have good friends and have maintained a very healthy professional relation too.

While talking about being spotted outside the sets of shoot with each other, she said, after the shoot they sometime catchup with friends for the industry and would go out together when they have a gathering of friends around. She also said they would go to promotion event and other such places together but that doesn’t mean they will go home together. She further went on saying that how they live in two opposite direction in the city.

Further she raised her concern of not being responsive to rumor as people will cook up rumor stories about actors and this is not new in the industry. She also explained how all these doesn’t mark any importance to her at all. She said especially when two actors are involved in a romantic story line, people will eventually make up relationship stories about them and she is not effected by all that.

When Erica was asked whether she would date someone from the same profession or not, she replied that to her the person is important and not his profession.