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Are you someone who have to travel much in trains and you are a foodie too? Are you concerned about the quality and hygiene that is maintained in pantry car of trains?  If this is you than you are in the right place. We all are aware of quality and hygiene standards of food service provided in Indian railways. Many of us has to travel by train for many reasons like family tour or office work. At times we pack food from home and end up eating that while traveling, as we know the bad hygiene maintained in train. Some of us are vegetarians and do not have much options. Some foodies would love to order their favorite meals on the go.

While traveling we are not left with many choices. There are set menus from pantry cars and we have to choose among them irrespective of our taste and preference for food. Now a new service in India has stared that is called E-Catering, here you can order your food while traveling by train. They have a variety of menu to choose from, a trusted source of food provides in an affordable price.

This versatile idea is making good business in India today. It is a good option for travelers where they can enjoy the following benefits:

• Variety to choose: starting from pizza to burger, veg to non-veg Thali, Jain Thali to Chinese cuisine. You name it and they nail it. There is an array of options to choose from. Now there is no limitation for ordering your favorite food even while you are on the move. You can choose according to your preference and can customize as well to make it more delightful.

Hygiene and quality: proper hygiene is maintained as the food is received from trusted and reputed vendors. Quality is always kept in mind by vendors to ensure re-ordering and good will. There is a healthy competition in the market which help them keep up to the good quality and standard of food.

• Competitive pricing: good food always comes with a good price tag, but here the startup companies have set a price tag that is reasonable to the customers. Due to competition in market they keep reasonable rate which is always an added benefit to consumers.

• Local delights: as food is delivered at the next railway station hence customers get to choose from the local delights or any specialty from that place. Due to near place of origin it is easy to maintain food quality as well.

• Hassle free delivery: It takes a click of a button to book your desired meal and the food gets delivered to you at the next station. Yes, it is that easy. Are you still thinking that where will the delivery person find you? The answer is he will track you in your seat as you need to provide your ticketing details while booking. It’s as simple as that.

Now let’s see how to avail these service:

Download their app in your smartphone or you can simply google it. Few websites to mention in this category are  ,  ,   and many more. These startups have developed an user-friendly interface.

• Select delivery point: select the nearest railway station where you want your food to be delivered.

Feed in your ticketing details: share your travel details like PNR number, train name and number, travel date etc.

• Place your order: take a stroll through their menu and order according to your choice and availability and add the item to your basket.

• Select payment mode: select the payment mode like cash on delivery or online payment or bank transfer etc., to make the final payment for your order.

Relax and receive your food: sit back and relax till the arrival of the next station. Collect your order without any hassle.

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