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It seems that our Prime Minister has thought about the piracy policies related to Bollywood and finally amendments will be made to safeguard the interest of Indian film industry

We have all witnessed in recent past how piracy has affected the Indian Bollywood film industry and how filmmakers have incurred a heavy loss for the leaking of newly released films over the internet. Recently, after the meeting of a few Bollywood starts with our honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, it seems that the government has ignited a thought process to make necessary amendment in the existing piracy law.

It is reported that a new bill has been passed to modify the Cinematograph Act 1952 wherein special penal provisions have been added. These measures are taken to dismiss camcording and any other kind of duplication of films. Thereafter, has imposed punishment which has been extended up to three years of imprisonment and a fine that has been increased up to Rs.10 lakhs.

The amendment also states that any film or portions of the copy that has been transmitted for any purpose without the approval of the copyright owner will come under the offence and will be punishable according to the new amendment.

It has been reported that the Cabinet Ministry had approved this proposal suggested by Ministry of Information and Broadcast last week. The said bill was made with the intention of focusing varied aspects of development including job opportunities and revenues. Besides that, the Intellectual Property Rights too will be the prime area of focus for the bill and it has provided an assurance in the recently released official statement that the intention is to make the industry piracy free.