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Gully Boy
Image Taken from Instagram

Recently, The teaser of Ranveer Singh’s upcoming film Gully Boy got released on Twitter.

Ranveer Singh is such a nice actor and he has been proving this continuously. People were just praising Ranveer for his performance in Simmba, and he dropped another bomb. The teaser of his upcoming film Gully Boy was shared on Twitter and twitter just got fired up with his post. The film Gully Boy is a Joya Akhtar film starring Alia along with Ranveer.

Here is the teaser of the film-

In the teaser, comes the first preview of the first track of Ranveer’s rap and people just loved it. Along with the teaser, the makers announced the date of the trailer release. The teaser was so impeccable showing Ranveer’s raping skills that even the celebrities could not resist to praise Ranveer

Here is a showdown of how Different people and Celebrities praised Ranveer for his skills and acting.

From the teaser and the reactions, it seems like Gully boy is going to be a blockbuster for sure. This could be the best film of Ranveer’s career.
Gully boy is set to release on February 14, Valentine’s day. The film is based on a real story about a rapper from Kurla slum namely Naved Shaikh, popularly known as Naezy. Earlier when the posters of the film came out, The poster had the tagline- Apna Time AAyega. We all are waiting eagerly for the film to hit the screen.

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