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Priya Prakash Famously known as the ‘wink girl’ of India opened up on her house arrest after her video went viral over the internet.

After a long time the ‘wink girl’ has come into news again. Most likely the video which got viral on the internet last year, was of Priya Prakash who was seen teasing her co-star with one wink.

The ‘Wink Girl’ went under a House Arrest after Her Video Went Viral in 2018: Priya Prakash Varrier

The video was a clip from her film titled ‘Ori Adaar Love’ which is set to release this Valentine’s Day. After the release of the teaser, Priya got an overnight fame and she was featured through every media house.

It was difficult for the new actress, however, as well as for her family to handle the fame which came to Priya in no time. Her family did not know how to handle the situation and the media reactions. As all caring parent would do, they also thought of their daughter’s safety.

In a recent interview with Indian Express, Priya opened up on how she was house arrested for her overnight fame, she said, “We were trying to handle it together. Because everything was new to me as well as my family. It is true that I was not given cell phones or anything. For a few days I was under house arrest and I was not allowed to go out because my parents were tensed. The media people would turn up at my door without even informing.” The Oru Adaar actress shared that she would come back from school and find reporters waiting on her door. Her parents would make excuses to send them away, but they were persistent.

The 19 years old actress will be seen in the movie Oru Adaar Love. After her video went viral, the film got delayed as the script of the film also underwent changes. She will be portrayed as a schoolgirl in the romantic movie which is set to release in Telugu and Kannada.

Priya once again came to news as it was rumored that she was offered the role for Simmba. However, she dumped the charges lately.