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Finally, Avantika’s mother broke the silence about the relationship of her daughter and son-in-law

Yesterday we brought to you the story about Imran Khan and his loving wife Avantika’s separation. The news brought a surge among the fans who were truly inspired by their stable relationship. After such breakup that happened lately in Bollywood such as Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora, Arjun Rampal and wife Mehr, and Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna, it was quite a shock for the fans of Bollywood. These couples have set many relationship goals for their fans as they were immensely in love with their family.

Imran Khan’s and Avantika Malik’s Legal Separation Secret revealed by Avantika’s Mother. Read to Know More!

After the news that broke yesterday about Imran Khan and Avantika, their fans were taken aback by the news. However, the couple did not yet surface with any comment about the same but Avantika’s mother reportedly came up to declare the truth. She said it is true that her daughter is facing difficulty in her marriage and that she has moved to her parental house with her daughter Imara. She added that all the talks about their legal separation are nothing but a rumor. Everyone has difficulty in marriage at some point in time and now it is her daughter’s time to sort out the issues with her husband.

Avantika’s mother also said that her daughter had some difference in opinion with her husband Imran and that the two are sorting things out. There is no question of regal separation as of now.

Hopefully, everything gets restored in their relationship. As they were known to be in love for eight years before their marriage and finally tied their knot in 2011.

However, in the work front, Imran Khan hasn’t shown up after his film Kutti Butti in the year 2015.