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2018 was a great year for Bollywood as the box office witnessed many new records being created and older ones getting destroyed.
Many blockbuster films were released in 2018 and most of them managed to perform well on the screens.

Thugs of Hindostan, the film in which Mr perfectionist Aamir Kahn played the major role was supposed to break all records and be a blockbuster but unfortunately, nothing like this happened and the film proved to be a failure.

But we are not here to talk about failures, Here I present you the list of top indian movies of 2018 that you should watch at least once.


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Directed by Raju Hirani, Sanju movie was based on the life of Sanjay Dutt- a Bollywood actor. The film was directed exceptionally well. And the leading role of Sanjay Dutt was played by Ranbeer Kapoor. Ranbeer Kapoor did his job exceptionally well and made the film a blockbuster. Ranbeer Kapoor imitated Sanjay Dutt’s style to such an extent that on the screen it looked like Sanjay Dutt himself playing his role.
The film was full of entertainment and comedy. But the film was not to be watched the kids as it contains some nude scenes. The directors tried their best to prove allegations on Sanjay Dutt as a terrorist wrong with the film.


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Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Padmavat becomes a major controversy in 2018. The Rajput society blamed Sanjay Leela Bhansali to modify the historical facts just for the sake of making films.

Earlier the film was named as Padmavati, but after seeing controversies bansali changed the name to Padmavat. The Rajput society tried their best to prevent the film from releasing especially in Rajasthan. But the film was somehow released and proved to be a major blockbuster.
Ranveer sing’ acting in the film was praised by the people. Shahid Kapoor also does a great job in the film.


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The sequel robot movie was one of the best movies of 2018 breaking many records. Rajnikant and Akshay Kumar played a major role in the film. Akshay Kumar s acting was praised by the audience.
Even the critics loved the film and could not find anything to say but fabulous after watching the film. This film is a must watch if you missed it on the release.

Badhai Ho

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Badhai ho was basically a comedy film. The lead role was played by Ayushaman Khurana in the film and the film performed well on the screens.
The story of the film revolved around a young man of 26-27 whose mother gets pregnant in his fifties. This makes the young boy and his brother felt ashamed in the society but in last the young boy(ayushman Khurana) welcomes his newborn sister with a smile.
This is a must watch for comedy lovers. This film does contain some nude scenes thus it is not advised to watch with children.

Baaghi 2

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The sequel of the film bag proved to be a blockbuster film of 2018. With tier Shroff playing the leading role in the film, the film’s box office collection was pretty impressive.
The film was full of entertainment and action. This film is a must watch for action lovers.


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Recently launched film Simba us doing a great job on cinemas. The film is a complete entertainment package to watch with the family. Ranveer Singh is playing the major role in the film.
The critics, as well as the audience, are giving this film 5 stars.

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