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This IPL will be the 12th edition of IPL
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Good news for IPL fans, IPL is going to be played in India and is scheduled to start on March 23.The IPL was twice hosted out of the country due to general elections but this time, IPL is going to play in India. The dates and venues were decided by the committee of administrators(CAO) appointed by the supreme court. This IPL will be the 12th edition of IPL.

The committee after discussing everything with state and national level authorities decided the schedule and venues for IPL 2019. The committee met at New Delhi on Tuesday to decide everything. BCCI has announced that IPL will start on March 23 and the detailed schedule will come later after discussing everything with state-level authorities. The IPL schedule of 2019 will be coming soon once CAO discusses everything with all type of authorities and stakeholders.

This is what CAO chairman Vinod Rai said- “We will ahe all the primary venues backed up by alternate venues in case there is a need to shift matches. This will be done in consultation with central and state government authorities as well as security agencies. The specific venue for having a backup venue is to ensure that we don’t have any issue if there is polling or recounting or Pm’s rally in any of these states once the election dates are announced. Once we choke out the itinerary, we will get the dates and venues cleared by various government agencies”.

The world cup is also going to held from May 30 to July 14 so CAO is also looking at this while finalising the detailed schedule. Fans will be waiting eagerly for the detailed schedule of the IPL.