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They dated each other and were married for eight years now, what made them break their marriage?

Imran Khan who is a known face in Bollywood for his acting skill and also for his relationship with Amir Khan is rumored to end his marriage with his wife Avantika Malik.

Is it true that Imran Khan and Avantika Malik has moved out of their marriage?

Imran and Avantika were in love and dated each other before they caught into marriage. Their relationship was regarded as one of the successful marriage in the film industry. The do has been leading a peaceful married life for eight years now and have also been blessed with a beautiful girl Imara.

Something recently occurred that created tension between the two and it has been reported by close sources that Imran and Avantika have taken a break from their marriage. Avantika is said to have moved away to her parent’s house with her daughter Imara.

The broken relationship has taken aback their admirers. It has been a shock for their fan as the two have dated for a long time and have set many relationship goals as a couple.

Meanwhile, their family and friends are trying to understand and handle the situation and find a solution to restore their relationship. It has been sad news because the two were immensely in love with each other for these years.

However, at the work front Imran Imran will be seen as a director for his short film ‘Mission Mars: Keep Walking India’. Imran has proved his acting abilities and now it’s time for him to take up the responsibilities as a director.