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Sridevi Bungalow
Sridevi Bungalow

Recently the trailer of Priya Prakash Varrier’s upcoming film Sridevi bungalow came out for the audiences. The trailer made Boney Kapoor and the audience feel like the film is on Sridevi.

The film showed in the trailer is about an actor who lives alone and works in the film industry afterwards and in the end, the trailer showed how the actor died due to drowning at the end.

These all hints given in the trailer were clear indication that the film is somehow based on late Sridevi who also dies last year due to drowning. Boney Kapoor who was reportedly planning to make a biopic on her late wife Sridevi got disappointed and slammed the makers of the film with a legal notice.

It is interesting to know that not only the film’s story seems similar to Sridevi’s life but also the makers have named the film Sridevi bungalow and the lead role’s name Sridevi. The director of Sridevi bungalow Prasanth Mambully when asked about the legal notice, he confirmed that he has received a legal notice from Boney Kapoor and he will fight it. Prasanth Mambully further said that his film is not based on Sridevi as the film is a suspense thriller and anyone’s name can be Sridevi bungalow. Sridevi being a common name.

Prasanth Mambully’s words do not seem true when we see the trailer.
This film is quite important for Priya Prakash Varrier as Sridevi bungalow will mark Priya’s entry into the Bollywood. This will be Priya’s debut Bollywood film.

Jhanvi Kapoor recently attended an award show where she was asked about the Priya Prakash Varrier film Sridevi bungalow. The actress seemed clueless and her manager just after asking to comment on Sridevi Bungalow called off the media interaction and asked the actor to leave the stage. Jhanvi did not say any word about the film and Priya Prakash Varrier leaving us clueless on her reaction to Sridevi Bungalow.

After a legal notice, the producer wanted the makers to change the name of the film.