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Kabir Khan recreates the victory of Indian Cricket team over Cricket World Cup in the year 1983 under the captainship of Kapil Dev

83’ is an upcoming movie on Indian Cricket team’s first victory of World Cup. Kabir Khan the director of the film is keeping high expectation from the film as the story revolves around the golden period of Indian Cricket during 1983 when they won the first World Cup under the captainship of Kapil Dev.

Kabir Khan reveals that 83 will have an energetic album but no lip-sync songs, as an audience may not accept Kapil Dev to sing on screen. The film portrays Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev. Ranveer is known for his unmatched energy level and dedication towards his character. The film will depict the journey of Indian Cricket team towards their first victory in the history of World Cup Cricket.

Kabir adds, “In 83, the music will be definitely important. It’s a sports film so the music will be motivational. There will be obviously and anthem and songs of several moods in the film.”

When asked, whether Kapil Dev would be seen singing songs on screen, Kabir answers, “There won’t be any lip-sync songs because I do not think the audience will accept Kapil Dev singing songs on the streets of London. But needless to say it will be an energetic background score and album. ”

Kabir Khan has settled with music composer Pritam Chakraborty for the music of the film. Kabir has collaborated with Pitam on his projects like New York, Banjrangi Bhaijaan, and Tubelight.

Kabir denotes Pritam as a “unique” talent. Adding to this he says, “He can surprise you a lot provided you pin him down and make him sit with you. Once he is in the flow, that’s when the magic starts happening. I have really enjoyed working with him. He is a warm person.”

Kabir says that a major part of the film will be shot in England from May till August this year. On his preparation to train the actors on cricket, Kabir says, “the entire team is training. Veteran test cricketer Balwinder Singh Sadhu is our coach. Several cricket experts are coming in. Kapil Dev sir, Madan Lal sir, all the 1983 cricketers will come.”

When asked about his experience in recreating the 1983 situations of Indian Cricket team through his movie, Kabir said, “I am enjoying a lot. It’s like a boot camp. Everyone trains for 3 hours, there’s physical and skill training as well.”