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We are known to the outspoken nature of Kangana Ranaut and how she targeted Alia for not turning up for the special screening for her latest film Manikarnika. This time she says Alia to be Karan Johar’s Puppet

Well is seems that Kangana is really upset with the actors of her fraternity. In the last news posted by us, we saw how she claimed Alia and Amir Khan for not supporting her film Manikarnika, to which Alia replied that she was busy with her upcoming project and that’s why could not attend the special screening. She also said that she admires Kangana and respects her.

Kangana Ranaut’s Blame Game on Alia Bhatt Continues, This Time She claims Alia to be Karan Johar’s Puppet

The new turn is, Kangana has taken this further by stating Alia Bhatt as Karan Johar’s puppet. Well, we all can recollect the nepotism debate that she sparked during the release of Rangoon with Karan. Puzzled by the allegations directed towards her, Alia Bhatt reacted to Ranaut’s comments recently. Alia said that she did not know what she has done to make Kangana so angry upon her. Further she added that she don’t want to clarify anything to media rather she would confront to Kangana personally on this matter.

The Raazi actress also added that she admires Kangana for her work and was really happy for her choice of film. Adding to this she said she also applauds the outspoken nature of Kangana Ranaut.

 Kangana Ranaut has been expressing her disappointment over not receiving support from youth icon like Alia Bhatt for her film Manikarnika – The Queen of Jhansi. The actress feels that Bollywood is staying silent over the success of her film and that someone who has been an idol for the youth like Alia should be coming out in support of the film since it revolves around the topic of women empowerment. She also added that this has to do with the fact that Alia Bhatt is the ‘student’ of Karan Johar and went on to call her as a puppet in his hands. She reportedly also asked Alia to grow a spine to speak up about relevant issues.