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Kapil Dev

Kapil dev turns 60. Kapil Dev was the man who brought World cup to India for the first time.

Kapil Dev was born January 6, 1959. The legendary all-rounder was born in Chandigarh to Ram Lal Nikhnaz. Kapil Dev is considered as one of the greatest all-rounders and for India, he was the man who made the dream of Indians came true. He brought world cup in 1983. 

We are writing about Kapil Dev today as to Give him a tribute and thanksgiving.

The Start- First Match of Kapil Dev’s Career

Kapil Dev played his first International Match at the age of just 19. The year was 1978 in October 16. The match was against Pakistan at Faisalabad. Kapil performance in his debut match was not at all good. He was only able to take 1 wicket and score 8 runs. There is a famous saying- First impression is the last impression. But Kapil proved the proverb wrong. Despite failing to preform well in the debut match, the all rounder played over 131 test matches, other than that, he lead the ODI team for the world cup in 1983 and brought the world cup home.

In his debut Match, he was sledged by Pakistani Cricketers and he became a reason to laugh when he asked the umpire to have a leg stump guard. Kapil Dev took his first ever International wicket by dismissing Sadiq Mohammad.

International Record

Kapil took 434 wickets during his cricketing career. The average was 29.64. Kapil played over 131 test matches and scored 5248 runs with an average of 31.05. The Legendary captain made 8 centuries and 27 half centuries in his test career. His The st career includes 23 five-wicket hauls. Kapil is considered one of fastest runners between the wickets as he was never run out in his entire test career. This is just amazing. Talking about ODI format, Kapil played 225 ODI matches and scored 3783 runs in total with an average of 23.79. In his ODI career, he made 1 century and 14 half-centuries. As a bowler, he took 253 wickets with an average of 27.45.

It was Kapil Dev who led the Indian team in 1983 world cup. The 1983 world cup took place in England and we won our first world cup England. 
The captain exceptionally well against Zimbabwe in the world cup and scored 175 uns. Which is his one of the best performance in ODi’s. Sunil Gavaskar his teammate referred to is his innings as one of the best in ODI history. 
Sunil Gavaskar, another great cricketer recently said that- “That 175 is the greatest knock in ODI history I have seen as a player and as a commentator… I have never seen a better inning. The situation we were in…We were 17 for 5. It was cold and the ball was moving. It looked like we would be bowled out for 70 or 80..,”

Live Long Kapil…

Kapil Dev played a lot of matches for his country and every time who cam on the field he tried to gave his best. That’s why he is regarded as the greatest all-rounder in history of cricket by his fans. 
For Kapil Dev, his country comes before everything. The 60 year old legendary player recently said that-” I will run shirtless if India win the World Cup. Just like Kohli said that he will run shirtless if India win, I will too,” . “I can do anything for my country,”

This is why Kapil is such a nice personality. We hope that he lives 60 years more and keep doing well.