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Shahid Kapoor says that Jhaanvi is not special to Ishaan, he has the habit of buzzing around women of all age.

Shahid Kapoor and Brother Ishaan Khattar
source from indianexpress

Not much introduction is needed about the show. Karan Johar who has happened to be the host for the show engages his Bollywood Celebrity guests over questions asked by him during the show. His humor and friendly attitude brings up new story and sometimes gossips of the B Town. Karan throws rapid-fire questions to the celebs and to know their opinion and thought about their co-stars.

The yet another awaited episode of Coffee with Karan has come up with Trailer videos. Shahid Kapoor and Brother Ishaan Khattar were the guests of the Karan Johar Hosted Bollywood chat show “Koffee With Karan”. The duo was seen together for the first time on screen and Karan named their union as “Brothers in arms”.

According to the trailer of the new episode, Sahid when asked about Jhanvi and Ishaan he said,” he has the habit of buzzing around women of all ages”. Having said so, Ishaan was asked the oldest women he was seeing till date, He said 45.

Shahid Kapoor and Brother Ishaan Khattar
source from timesnownews

Karan also asked Ishaan that by which name has he saves the contact number of Jhanvi in his Phone. Ishaan reply to this was “are those potatoes”. All the 3 burst in laughter with such answers.

In a question when Karan asked Ishaan that what he would do if he gets stuck in an elevator with all of Shahid’s x-girlfriends? Within no time Shahid chose to answer this “the elevator will be overcrowded”.

Karan the host of the show asked Shahid for a peice of advice that he wants to give to newly married Pee Cee’s husband Nick Joans?, applying his Witt Shahid replied “Never back down buddy, you’re with the original Desi Girl”.

To the open secret that we all know, Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra were dating each other on their Kaminey days. The news becoming sensational when a rumor came up stating Shahid was found opening the door of Priyanka’s house when an IT raid took place early in the morning.

They seem to have all the fun on Karan’s show. Though it was Shahid’s 6th appearance on Karan’s show but is a debut for his half-brother Ishaan. All three of them wore similar outfits, they laughed, danced and gossiped during the entire episode. Having said so Shahid and Ishaan attracts the viewers to look out for this sensational episode.

In a video that was shared by the brothers on their social hander shows their level of energy and fun at the show. Karan’s show is aired on Star World India every Sundays at 9 pm. Watch out for the latest videos as shared on show’s social handle and witness the fun that happened on Karan Johar’s show and how Shahid and Ishaan gave kind of new vibes on screen.