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The politics and the Movie Industry are mixing with each other especially in 2019. PM Modi before a few weeks met several Bollywood producers as to know the industry and the problems faced by the industry.

Now PM Modi met several Bollywood stars on Thursday. Many Film celebrities like Ranbir, Ranveer, Karan Johar, Alia Bhat and a few other came to meet Modi in Delhi this Thursday. The stars clicked selfies with the PM and posted it on social media. As said, before some weeks, Modi also met several producers of Bollywood and that meeting led to a reduction in GST on Film Tickets by the Government.

The part of the meeting were not only actors but also some directors like Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty. The agenda or the purpose behind the meeting is yet unknown. All the actors, directors and the people from the Bollywood industry looked fascinated for meeting the PM.

Karan Johar shared a photo of himself and other Bollywood celebrities with the PM and wrote on Instagram- “Powerful and timely conversations can bring about change and this was one of what we hope will become a regular conversation. Meeting the Honourable Prime Minister @narendramodi today was an incredible opportunity. As a community, there is a huge interest to contribute to nation building. There is so much that we want to do. And can do and this dialogue was towards how and what ways we can do that. When the youngest country (in demography) joins hands with the largest movie industry in the world, we hope to be a force to reckon with. Together we would love to inspire and ignite positive changes to a transformative India. The film industry would also like to send a huge thanks for the GST reduction in movie ticket prices that was implemented recently! Thank you so much for your time, Sir!”.

Ekta Kapoor also posted the same photo. Ekta Kapoor also shared the same photo and in the caption, she gave us some idea about the agenda of the meeting. This is what Ekta wrote on Instagram- “Thanks honourable Prime Minister for an insightful meeting. A Young Delegation met this visionary leader to start conversations with how to merge education n entertainment! on my acc that the aura and the vision have left me overwhelmed! Jai Hind.”

One interesting thing to note is recently the film on Narendra Modi was announced and the poster was out a few days back. The film on Manmohan Singh titled Accidental prime minister is also going to release soon and the film on Bal Thackeray named Thackeray is also going to release soon. The announcement of so many political films and then PM’s meeting with Bollywood Industry people, It seems like BJP is planning to use Cinema and the industry people for their propaganda in 2019 general elections. But the case might be something different. In the meeting, several Bollywood industry celebrities came including, Ranveer, Ekta, Ranbeer, Vicky Kaushal, Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhat and a few more.