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Katrina is enthusiastic to work once again with lost love Salman Khan in Bharat. Acknowledges the complement of similar look with the legend, Indira Gandhi

In a recent interview with Times of India, Katrina Kaif talked about her role in Bharat and how it was to work once again with her lost love Salman Khan and also about replacing Priyanka Chopra in Bharat.

Karina Kaif’s Look in Bharat Similar to Indira Gandhi; Says “I wish to play Indira Gandhi onscreen”

After the revelation of a few looks from the movie, a noticeable similarity of Katrina with the legendary politician of India, Indira Gandhi was found. On disclosing the same to Katrina, she took it as a compliment and also spoke her heart that she wishes to play Indira Gandhi onscreen.

Her look in Bharat was compared to that of Indira Gandhi, to which Katrina said, “I was said that I should be playing Indira Gandhi. Obviously, that’s not our intention in the movie. But with prosthetics, you can push to look towards to look like somebody. Having said that, I would actually love to play Indira Gandhi onscreen.”

Well, with biopics being the forerunner of the Hindi Film Industry presently we hope to see Katrina Kaif playing the role of the famous politician, Indira Gandhi on screen soon.