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Kerry O'Keeffe
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Kerry O’ Keeffe defends himself on his controversial comments on Indian Cricket. Kerry o Kaffe, former Australian cricketer who turned commentator had been in the spotlight since he made some controversial comment on some Indian cricketer.

The controversy started when Kerry first made a comment on Mayank Agarwal saying- Mayank Agarwal hit his triple century against the railway canteen staff. Ravi Shastri got disappointed and tried to teach Keeffe a lesson. But nothing seems to work.

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Kerry O’ Keeffe came up again with a controversial comment saying who would name their kid Chateshwarwar, Jadeja? Keeffe was trying to make fun of Indian names with his comments. And this was really disappointing for Indian fans.

Many Indian fans flaked Keeffe for his disappointing comments and Indian bowling coach Arun also came up to talk about the controversy on the 4th day of play.

After all this, Keeffe came face to face and tried to defend himself by writing an open letter clarifying his comments. According to, this is what he wrote his open letter-

“When I made a remark about Indian first-class batting averages within their domestic cricket competition being made against a “canteen” bowling attack, I was being entirely tongue in cheek. I was certainly not disrespecting Indian cricket, where I toured as a schoolboy and for which I have the greatest admiration as a cricketing nation,” There was no intention to ridicule those two wonderful players and I am horrified by any suggestion to the contrary. I had spent months researching and analysing
these two players and when the moment arrived, I stuffed it up. The joke was on me,”.

After his apology come in the open, Indian bowling coach has denied complaining against Aussie commentator.

Talking about the series, India has won the boxing day test may and is leading the series by 2-1.

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