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Kriti Shanon is strolled with the rumor of reaching to Producer-Director Rakesh Roshan to fetch the lead role in his much-awaited Indian Sci-Fi, Krrish 4.

Kriti Shanon who has gained popularity within a short period of her career has been spotted to visit Rakesh Roshan’s office. It was being assumed that Kriti was meeting Mr. Roshan to fetch the leading role in his upcoming sequel of much talked about Sci-Fi, Krrish 4.

Kriti Shanon

Hrithik Roshan will be seen as the hero of the film. Krrish series, the first of its kind in Indian cinema. India has never produced any successful cinema on superheroes. In the early series “Krrish 3”, Priyanka Chopra was seen against Hrithik Roshan. As per Rakesh Roshan he wanted Pee Cee in his sequel but due to her packed schedule and perhaps sudden changes in the plot of the film, Pee Cee cannot make and perhaps they will not meet again. The next talked about heroin to play the lead role against Hithik Roshan was Katrina Kaif, but Kriti Sanon eventually pitched herself for the film and had been spotted outside Rakesh Roshan’s office, twice in 6 weeks. It was being anticipated by media that she might have been seeing the director and wanted to bag the lead role.

In the meanwhile, Roshan’s are in search of their lead heroin and kriti Shanon is keeping high hopes to make it for Krrish 4. It’s being said that Kriti could not impress Rakesh Roshan during her first trial audition for the film. She also asked for a second chance for her to give another audition. However, Mr. Rakesh Roshan was not happy with her acting and did not grant Kriti a role in his film.

 Kriti Shanon laughs off the claim of meeting Rakesh Roshan at his office twice in last six weeks to convince him to take her as the lead actor against Hrithik Roshan in his film Krrish 4. Kriti denies the fact that she was pitching herself for the film and asking for her lead role in Krrish 4. Having said that it was a rumor, Kriti further explains that she often visits a Talent Management office which is happened to be in the same building where Rakesh Roshan has his Office. She also added that she has neither met the director nor has she has pitched herself for any film.

Currently, Kriti is packed with her schedules films and can be seen hopping from one set to another. She has recently finished shooting for her upcoming film, a period Drama, Panipat. She is said to invest her time for different brands and shooting for them and after completion of her commitments, she will be heading for the shoot of her new upcoming films.

Not many films have she done till now but she was acclaimed both critically as well as by her audience for her performance in “Barelley ki Barfi”. Her new line up for films for 2019 is few big banners like Housefull 4, Luka Chupi, and Arjun Patiala.