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Veteran actor turned director R Madhavan, better known as Maddy, in his new look for his directorial debutant movie ‘Rocketry : The Nambi Effect’ where he also plays the role of the protagonist.

Veteran actor R Madhavan has marked his presence in acting and now about to spread his wings to the whole new world of directing a film. He has always been liked adored by his fans and now let’s see how he proves himself as a director. Madhavan was last seen in a Telegu movie Savyasachi which was turned down by audiences for its weak scriptwriting.

Actor M.Madhavan Turns Director With His Film ‘Rocketry : The Nambi Effect’

His film ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’ is a film on the life of ISRO scientist S Nambi Narayanan. The story revolves around Narayanan who is an Indian ISRO scientist and Aerospace Engineer. He was in charge of the cryogenics division as a senior officer in ISRO. He was charged for espionage and arrested with the false allegation in 1994. However, he was dismissed from the said charges against him in the year 1996 by CBI. The Supreme Court took a call in the year 1998 and declared him “not guilty” for the same.

When asked Madhavan about the idea of making the film, he said, “This film has become an obsession for me. Three years ago, Anant Mahadevan narrated me the story of Nambi Narayanan. I felt that it’s story of man who has faced injustice in his life because he was jailed over false charges.”

“After that, I started writing script on him and it took me seven months to write that script. When I used to meet him regarding script writing that time, he never used to talk about his achievements but as I kept talking to him, I realized I am doing an injustice with this story because I am only talking about his case.”

“I feel sometimes that a man wronged is a nation wronged… So, to do injustice with him (Nambi Narayanan) is like doing injustice to the country. I, therefore, threw the script which I wrote for seven months. I took another one-and-half year to write script of this film with Anant Mahadevan and other writers.”

Madhvan said: “I am sure that 95 per cent of the country’s population doesn’t know about Nambi Narayanan, which I think is a crime and the 5 per cent of population that knows about him doesn’t know his entire story.”

Recently Madhavan has transformed his look for this film as he is also the main protagonist of the film alongside being the director. His looks include long hairs as he want to resemble exactly like Nambi Narayanan.

He wrote, “@NambiNa69586681 So very tough to get to where you are sir, even merely look look-wise .. But doing my very very best ..@rocketryfilm @Tricolourfilm @vijaymoolan (sic).”

There is a confirmed news that famous director Anant Mahadevan has exited the project and R. Madhavan is working solely as the director of the film. It was reported in an interview with Madhavan that Anant has let the project for unavoidable situations.

Being the first directorial film of Maddy, he is super excited for his debut as a director.