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Ace actor Manoj Bajpayee got a standing ovation at the premiere of ‘Bhosle’ in the Toronto International Film Fare. Standing amidst thundering applaud he says “I don’t know what to say as people don’t usually praise me.”

Manoj Bajpayee has been a promising name when it comes to non-commercial films. His acting skills are beyond comparison with conventional acting style. He has been delivering standards of acting in the form of his role in Satya, Bhiku Mhatre, Aligarh, Gali Guleiyan, Gangs of Wassaipur and now Bhosle.

Recently Manoj was in Toronto for the premiere of his film Bhosle. He was star stuck with a standing ovation for his performance in the film where he played a retired cop Ganpath. While everyone honored him with a thundering applaud and a standing ovation, the actor said, “I don’t know what to say, people don’t usually praise me.”

While talking about the film and his role, Manoj told in an interview that, “It’s an old man’s journey through the post-retirement years and zooms in on the relationship he forms with his immigrant neighbors.

“The film is different in a way that it speaks about people becoming immigrants in their own country. The theme resonates with most of us and is a story that had to be told.”

Manoj Bajpayee recalled his old days

Manoj recalled the days when he was struggling to become an actor. He revealed that being a farmer’s son, it was hard for him to get into acting and thus Hindi film industry. He kept on saying how he struggled and left his home at the age of 17 to peruse post-graduation from Delhi University and finally landed to NSD as a teacher. He said how news about Raj Babbar inspired him to achieve his dreams as it said the story of Raj Babbar who was also from a small town but was a prominent figure at that time.

Manoj further said that Amitabh Bachchan was his inspiration throughout his childhood. He recalls the days when all the neighbors will come together to watch an Amitabh Bachchan cinema and how they will be delighted to see his entry.

But for him, the true inspirations who drove his acting career was Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah. He further went into saying “Naseer is a methodical actor who sticks to the script. He is the perfect performer.

Om, on the other hand, can be methodical but also organic when needed. He made reel incidents seem real as if they were happening in front of you. Ardh Satya and Aakrosh are great examples. I still talk of him in the present tense, as if he is alive today. His death was a personal loss. Om was a gentle, pure soul, who had become disillusioned with the decaying world around him. I learned a great deal from theatre director Barry John. He owns the stage and teaches you how you can too. His acting school was a great learning experience.

But my greatest learnings have been from Raghubir Yadav. Raghubir has taught me a good deal and I stand by his ideology that if a performance is good, it will get the recognition it deserves. That makes him stand apart from the crowd.”

What enables him portray outstanding performance every time on screen?

To this the actor said, one cannot fake emotion onscreen. Acting has to come naturally. It is important to spend much time to get into the character and know the whereabouts of the same and only then it is possible to perform naturally on screen. The ace actor went on saying, “Like all professions, an actor must do riyaaz constantly to hone his skill. You have to live in the skin of the character for a long time to create celluloid magic. 

An actor is nothing without the vision of the director. The director needs to have a vision that will cross boundaries, that makes the audience sit on the edge of their seats and that pushes the envelope. It is this vision that brings out the best in an actor.

For most actors, it is the script that chooses them and not the other way around. I have played versatile roles and tried not to repeat my performance. If I play a cop, it’s all about the human being under the uniform. If I am playing a gangster, it’s all about the undercurrent of emotions running through him. It is true that an actor leaves a part of himself in all the films that he does.”

His explanation on doing commercial films

Manoj Bajpayee has been seen recently in a few commercial films such as Satyamev Jayate and Baaghi2. To this, the actor explained, “I have done some commercial films like Satyameva Jayate, produced by Nikkhil Advani who is an old friend, and Baaghi 2, directed by Ahmed Khan, who had choreographed my song Sapnon mein milti hai in Satya. This was more due to friendship than the lure of commercial films or money.”

Well, the actor has performed his best and given many remarkable films which are celebrated even today. Hope to see much excellent work in the future from the great actor Manoj Bajpayee in future which will inspire the new generation and also help them understand the essence of acting. Manoj says while selecting a script he recalls the reason why he came to Mumbai and that makes everything crystal clear in front of his eyes which help him to decide upon a film. All these inspiration will definitely go a long way.