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Emraan Hashmi states his view on #metoo at India Today Mind Rock 2019, he talked about women empowerment and the need to understand what is Sexual Harassment.

The #metoo movement took a front seat in India lately by October 2018. Many known personalities and so-called social influencers were roped down in this movement. Indian women who are known for their shy character came up-front to speak about their struggle related to sexual harassment at their work front. Tanushree Dutta, a known face to Indian film industry sprung the surge in media about her harassment by her co-star at a film set. Many know Film Industry faces such as Subhash Ghai, Nana Patekar, Rajat Kapoor, and Sajid Khan were mentioned for inappropriate behavior and sexual miss conduct.

#Metoo: Emraan Hashmi Stands With the Movement
source from indiatoday

When Asked, Emraan replied, “I’m very happy that this movement started. It has penetrated culture now. It started in the US, but people weren’t very aware of it then. Social media really helped it to become big.”

He expressed his feelings towards disrespectful behavior with female co-workers and stated that he himself has taken many precautionary measures to safeguard the interest of women and maintain their dignity at work. “Personally, my production house Emraan Hashmi Films has a contract that everyone has to sign. It’s a list of pointers that amount to sexual harassment on a film set. It safeguards female members and forewarns male members about what not to do. I would hire 50 per cent women on my film sets and empower them.”

Emraan Hashmi who is denoted as serial kisser in the Bollywood film Industry proves himself as a respectful human being. This movement has opened the mask of many. In a country like India which still follows to be a male governed society always looked down for women empowerment. Today with many female celebrities surfacing their struggle related to personal dignity, is an inspiration to many of us. If more people comes up like Emraan who thinks about safeguarding women against sexual harassment and empowering them to prove their self at the work front, will make our world a better place to live in.

Emraan is currently working on his upcoming project ‘Cheat India’, a comedy-drama, directed by Soumik Sen and is scheduled to release on 18th of January this year.

Shreya Dhanwanthary will be seen as the lead actress in the movie. The story revolves around a man who tries to take advantage of the handicapped education system of India, where there the number of aspirants surpasses opportunities and how he manipulates to derive benefit from it.