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Mumbai Municipality took this decision to discourage the habit of patient’s relatives to hog on unhealthy road side food during their wait in a hospital.

Mumbai: BMC to put a stop to unhealthy food stalls within 100 Meters of hospitals

While waiting at the hospital lobby for a relative or going for an outpatient checkup in any hospital, many of us have ended up hogging on unhealthy deep fried foods that are sold near the hospitals of Mumbai. Vada Pava and Paw Bhaji is a regular sight at the streets of Mumbai. These deep fried unhygienic road side foods are not made with any hygienic measures.

Mumbai Municipality has taken this initiative to discourage such unhealthy habits. The civic body of Mumbai have recently surfaced a notice stating no vendor can put up a Stoll within 100 km radius of any hospital in Mumbai selling unhealthy food. The circular has been published publicly and has also threatened illegal business as well in the restricted area.

“We have issued a notice regarding this and it has also been forwarded to all the hospitals. Most people who visit hospitals end up eating at these stalls, which affects their health,” said a senior officer from the health department.

Mostly patient’s relatives depend on the road side food stalls for their whole day meal as it is not possible for many of them to return home regularly for food. Most importantly it is a budget-friendly option for most of them. Recently a case has come up where a patient was admitted to Nair Hospital Mumbai and her mother could not return home regularly for food. She opted for road side stalls to satisfy her every day food requirement on a regular basis. After few days she was affected with food poisoning and was admitted in the same hospital. To this an official said, “Rather than going outside for food, they can have lunch and dinner at the in-house canteens. Yes, considering the heavy flow of patients, canteens can be overcrowded, but we can’t do much about that, as we often get patients from all over the country.”

When asked BMC about their next course of action, an official said that they have targeted schools for the next, and said, “We are also considering implementing this at schools. Students, during their break or after school, often eat oil-rich food sold by nearby vendors. We are planning to put a stop to this, considering the children’s health.”