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Tanusree Dutta opened up after 10 years regarding her assault by ace actor Nana Patekar. The actress is still fighting for herself.

Tanushree Dutta who had made her space in Hindi Film Industry vanished suddenly and when she appeared again in 2018, it was a shock to the entire film industry. She accused veteran actor Nana Patekar for misbehaving with her in the sets of ‘Horn Ok Please’ in 2008. The incident shook the entire film industry and we came across news where people came to her support and also depicted their assault stories through #MeToo movement.

Yesterday the Mumbai Police department submitted a report to the court where they stated that they have found no evidence against nana and Nana Patekar and thus the court gave a clean chit to the accused actor.

Talking about the same, Tanusree said in an interview that she has lost faith in the law and order or the police department. She even raised a question that how can the police submit the reports when the case is still under investigation? She claimed that Nana Patekar is influencing the Mumbai Police with his political power and money.

She further added that the police have not investigated the witness provided by her. Moreover, the police have only been asking questions to people whom Nana has implanted as evidence. She even added that after so many years’ people are not ready to run from pillar to post to record their statement with the police. She also mentioned that while she was registering the FIR with the Mumbai police, she knew it will take a lot of her patience and time to solve the issue.

Tanusree added, that she will not give up so easily and take it further. Nana used his power back then and he is using it even today to get his name cleared. She knows what he is going through because no one gave him work in the last year. He is itching to get back to work again and is using all his means to clear his name. Even she was also put out of work for 10 years so one can imagine what the actress went through.

While talking about Bollywood the former actress said that the Bollywood play safely in such sensitive issues. No one likes throwing mud to one another as that will make every one dirty as most of them have dirty past.

Finally, he said that she has lost hope in the law and order of the country and she will fight back. Tanushree is currently in the USA and strongly believes that justice will be delivered some day.