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Nargis Fakhri Slams A Website for Publishing Her False Pregnancy Reports, Get Your Facts Right- Says Nargis

Nargis Fakhri recently took to the twitter and slammed a website for calling her pregnant. The website stated that Nargis is pregnant and she is behaving weird on the Set. Nargis got disappointed by the news, as she was not pregnant but just got some weight on. Nargis took to the twitter and slammed the website and the writer saying that not only he wrote lies but also body shamed a person who might actually be suffering from illness.

The website in their report stated that Nargis is pregnant, more than that the report stated that she kept taking breaks as she was puking and she is expecting her first child with beau Matt Alonzo. This was false news so definitely, the 39-year actress got disappointed and tweeted- Take this down @TheLive_Mirror your reporter published lies and not only that he has also body shamed a person that may actually be suffering from an illness. Get your facts right before u publish.
The actress is not pregnant but has just gained some weight. The actress was recently trolled for gaining weight. And the bold actress in an interview talked about her trolling on social media and said- “I don’t care or give a damn about criticism. We are too much in limelight. So, during my downtime, I like to be relaxed and not focus on these things. If someone thinks that I will get busted with trolls or criticism… Sorry, but it is not going to happen. “I like being in an incognito mode until I have an opportunity to be back with a bang.”

The report headline as you can see held Matt Alanzo responsible for making Fakhri pregnant. Matt and Nargis were dating each other for the past year but now reports say that they have broken up.
After Nargis tweeted along with the screenshot, the website has now taken don the report. On the work front, The actress is gearing up for his upcoming film Amavas.