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Navjot Singh Siddhu may be out of the famous comedy chat show with Kapil Sharma in Sony TV post his Pulwama verdict

Navjot Singh Siddhu who is currently serving as the Minister of Local Government, Tourism, Cultural Affairs, and Museums of the State of Punjab, insensitively commented on the heavy Pulwama attack following the massacre that India has witnessed with the sacrifice of 40 CRPF Jawans.

Navjot Singh Siddhu may be out of the famous comedy chat show with Kapil Sharma in Sony TV post his Palwama verdict

Siddhu has been quoted saying “for a handful people, you cannot blame an entire nation.” this created a surge, as the entire nation was mourning to the heavy loss of the Indian soldiers.

Siddhu, on the contrary, said that his statement has been distorted by people for their vested interest and further explained, “Nationalism is the highest religion and I stand by my nation. “I echo the sentiments of my country. India’s voice is my voice and I strongly stand by my party’s stand”, he added.

Echoing his stand, he said, “Innocent people, women, children, elders should not be punished for the acts of a handful of rogue elements. This is against the teachings of the Sikh gurus and humanitarian law. At the same time, I call for exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of the attack”.

Meanwhile, post his comment Siddhu is facing hatred from the country men and even there are talks of excluding him from the Kapil Sharma Show on Sony TV where he was an integral part. From the close sources we came to know “Abhi aisi koi baat nahin hui hai. Everybody in the show is too shocked and embarrassed by Sidhuji’s comments to react. There is no immediate move to remove hi.” 

Kapil Sharma who is very close to Siddhu have decided to distance himself from this controversy as he would not say against Siddhu. A close friend of Kapil said, “Of course Kapil is embarrassed and shocked. But he is very close to Sidhu and won’t speak against him.” 

It is also being rumored that Siddhu will be replaced by Archana Puran Singh who has been a remarkable face as a judge in another TV comedy show.

We all show our grief and gratitude to the loss of the nation and the family of the victims. We must stand together to fight against terrorism.