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North Indains  south indians
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India is a diverse country with a wide variety of cultures. With over 22 type of languages spoken in India, difference in cultures arise as we move from place to place in the country.

Similar is the difference between North India and south India. North Indians majorly speak hindi and in south India, tamil, telugu, malyalam are used for communication. All these languaes used in south india seem to be same for north indians as most north indians cant understand any south indian language.

North Indains have some theories about south indians that we are gonna explore today. Some of these theories are true while others are just mere speculations. So here is how north indians think about south Indians-

South Indian a names are inprounouncable

This is true to some extent. As most of the south Indian people have large names that include their father’s name and many a time there other or grandfather’s name. But this is not the case always some south Indians even don’t use a surname.

Confusing? The coclusion is the validality of this theory can only be checked by carrying out a survey on south indian names.

South Indians students are always bright

North Indains  south indians
Image from Pixabay

North Indians feel that south indian studets are always bright. This may be true as many south indian students crack IIT each year and prove their calliber.

South Indians don’t know Hindi

This is what north indians think. And it is true to some extent. But the fact is many south indians know hindi.

The fact is many south indians know hindi but only a few north ndinas can understand or speak malyam, telugu, tamil.

Sound Indians worships rajnikant

Rajnikant is a big film actor of south industry and he is followed enormously n south. Even kids know who rajnikanth is. And yes, rajnikant is worshiped by certain few people in south India who are hardcore fan of rajnikanth. I said few people, so dont go and tell anyone that south indias consider rajnikant a hindu god.

Only some hardcore fans do this.

South Indian movie are to watch without brains

Well, very funny but true. While watching a south indian movie you will frequently see mens flying in air and the hero continuosly beating them without having them to land.

So next time you watch a south indian movie, forget that you are a wise man. Not all south indian moves shows anything but most do.

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