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Soundarya Sharma who has acted in one film says it takes years to become a star in Bollywood film industry

Soundarya Sharma is not a popular name in Hindi film industry. She has done one film till date and says “You don’t become a star overnight, it takes years.”

With her short experience in film industry she further says “I feel after having done a film, which was not from a big production house or a blockbuster hit, it takes years to become a star,” to a news agency.

Soundarya made her debut in Hindi film industry in 2017 with a film called ‘Ranchi Diaries’ where veteran actor Anupam Kher was a part.

When she was asked the reason for her not been seen in any upcoming Hindi film, she said, “Nothing. I am reading scripts. Since I am not a star kid, it takes a lot to get hold of the right script.”

“A lot of things are coming my way, but I am particular as to what I want because I just don’t want to add another struggle to my journey,” she said.

Soundarya grew up in Delhi with her parents and she had no prior Bollywood connection. While growing up she pursued bachelors of dentistry and also worked with a couple of hospitals in Delhi. She has been known as a model for years and from the modeling ramp she grew the passion of becoming an actor.

Recently she was seen in a fashion show held in Delhi where she was a showstopper for designer Charu Prakash and she looked stunning in the blue frilled blouse and the blue printed skirt.